Sending hugs your way this Mother’s Day

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Today is Mother’s Day and a lot of people are celebrating and appreciating the mother figures in their lives. However, Mother’s Day is not a happy day for everyone. I have decided to write this piece and I  hope it will bring comfort and good memories to some people.

There is a mother who is burying her child and the mother believes that she could have spent some more time with her child. Does she wonder if she raised her child well? If she had some more time, she would have corrected her wrongs and created more memories with the fruit of her womb.

Tears have soaked her clothes and nothing will ever heal the heartache. The woman who raised and mothered her is no more and she cannot imagine how she will manage to go through another day without her mother.

A young mother longs to spend time with her child physically rather than watching him grow over a video call. The mother longs to wipe away those tears, hug and allow her son to sit on her lap. Mother’s day has just reminded her that she is mothering her child from afar.

One argument sent her child packing and the poor mother has never seen her child. Every day she prays for her child and hopes that she is safe. The mother longs to meet her child and she wonders if her child will ever forgive her.

When Tumi’s mother passed away her mother’s sisters Mainini (aunt), Maiguru (aunt) and her Tete (father’s sister) raised her. These women did their part to ensure that she always had enough and they shaped her to be the feisty woman she is today.

Lastly, some women fell pregnant but, never got a chance to cuddle or hold their children. The mother longed to watch her child grow, to hold the child’s hands and later hold her in her hearts.

Sending nothing but, hugs and prayers to all the mothers and children who do not look forward to Mother’s Day. This is because it reminds them of what they have lost and the day bruises their wounds.

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