The Baobab’s review on Going down memory lane series

Hello my lovely readers my apologies for failing to comment on  Going down memory lane series yesterday. I  do not have everything figured out but , l am trying to take a second at a time because right now a day at a time is just too much for me.

A lot of people that were part of the series shared their experiences when the teachers were mean to them and did not allow them to share their side of the story. The system was a bit unfair because some of guests were expelled, failed to attend classes because they had not paid their fees ,got demoted or were not allowed to be part of different subjects because the teachers did not like them. Mass punishment were also unfair and to be honest l hated them. When we were young we made a lot of bad choices and decisions and this resulted in some of the guests being suspended or expelled from school and they were able to learn from their mistakes.

On the brighter side ,most of the guests liked a particular subject because their teachers were kind and had a way of making the subject exciting. Some peers were supportive and were willing to help others too. The sporting field was a happy place for some of the guests since they were allowed to be the best version of themselves. There  a lot of skills that the guests acquired from their high school experiences. Although the experiences were good or bad they molded them to be the people they are today.

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