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Going down memory lane(16)

A’s experience

Today is the last day of the series😔 I hate goodbyes, but I have learnt a lot of life lesson’s from the series. If I was to have a conversation with my younger self 😊 I would tell her to BELIEVE IN HERSELF. I will be commenting or reviewing the series tomorrow and if you have heard about the series today you still have time to Catch up😊

🌻How would you rate your high school years out of 10? 7/10

🌻What was the worst thing that happened to you when you were in high school? I was wrongly accused of being in a relationship when I in Form 1 and it was a punishable offence.

🌻What was your favourite subject and why? English, I was good at it and also I liked the teacher.

🌻Who was your role model? No one

🌻What are some of the lessons or skills that you acquired from high school? I became my own hero and pray since we had morning prayers at 04.30am

🌻Did you ever feel like there was a time you were treated unfairly? Sometimes the teachers would punish you without listening to your side of the story.

🌻What was your favourite place at school and why? The volleyball pitch , I enjoyed the sport

🌻If you had the opportunity to change anything from your high school experience what would that be?
Not to try and impress everyone

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