Going down memory lane(6)

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B’s experience

🌻How would you rate your high school years out of 10?
7/10.Friendships I made during my high-school years have proved to be worth while. I also feel that freedom of expression was something that I enjoyed the most.

🌻What was the worst thing that happened to you when you were in high school?
Getting bad grades, I have never wanted to be a failure in my life, especially when it comes to academics.

🌻What was your favourite subject and why?
I enjoyed Chemistry. Apart from the fact that I was good at it, it was very practical and I found mixing chemicals, getting different colours very interesting.

🌻Who was your role model? My role model will always be my mother.

🌻What are some of the lessons or skills that you acquired from high school? I learnt that its not everyone who smiles at you, genuinely loves you. This is probably the reason I enjoy small circles because I’m very particular about people I bring closer to me. One of the skills I have gained is neve giving up. In other terms that is resilience.
I’m very patient and also a good listener which makes me vulnerable in sharing emotions with people who open up to me.

🌻Did you ever feel like there was a time you were treated unfairly? I did not receive a Christmas Dinner present from this other guy but well that was very childish.

🌻What was your favourite place at school and why? I enjoyed being in the Library. I found it peaceful and quite. I have never enjoyed crowds I guess.

🌻If you had the opportunity to change anything from your high school experience what would that be? I would have chosen commercial subjects. I have been having struggle in understanding some business terms.But like i have mentioned earlier, I never give up. I have always pushed and challenged myself to engage in totally new things in my life.

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