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A book review-Manchester Happened

Author : Jeniffer Nansubuga Makumbi
Cover rating :3/5
Overall rating : 4/5

What l loved about the book

The stories were told through the eyes of Ugandan nationals who are in the diaspora. Although l am not an Ugandan national an never been to the diaspora l can relate to most of the stories or

My highlights
Ever since l joined the Afro Bloggers community I have realized that there are a lot of practices and customs that are common in many African countries.

The characters in Manchester Happened were in the diaspora and during th e holidays they would meet at someone’s house and play music from their home country, talk about work and their experiences . Sometimes when you live in the overseas your children might not be able to fit in when you go back home because of the language barrier. One’s family can end up saying the children are spoilt. Some people still find it unbelievable when a man is being abused by his wife. Culture has a way of bringing people together and when you share the same totem or come from the same village you automatically become family and you end up looking out for one another.

Even if you stay in the diaspora for years your family still expects you to be able to do your chores effortlessly.

Favourite quote
Apparently, when a
husband dies unexpectedly, the first thing you do is to look for the titles of
ownership, contracts, car logbook and keys and all such things. You wrap
them tight in a cloth and wear them as a sanitary towel. When they are safe
between your legs, you let off a rending cry, Bazze wange!’
*The issue of inheritance is still a problem in many African countries.

Will l be reading another book written by this author?
Do l recommend this book

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