Hillary’s story

Ma dipped a morsel of sadza into the thick gravy and began to chew her food. Although I was feeling sleepy I dreaded closing my eyes because I did not want her to leave. All I wanted was to be with Ma and if I had the power I would definitely stop time. The Covid -19 pandemic is as good as war, I have learnt that I should wash my hands for close to twenty seconds and always wear a face mask. I do not want to get sick and I am trying by all means to be a good girl.

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Most of friends hate the Covid -19 pandemic because they cannot go to the supermarket with their parents anymore schools are closed . Although the Covid -19 pandemic has brought a lot of negative effects I am glad that Ma managed to come back home after four years of living overseas. Although Ma used to video chat with Thabo and I, l longed to hug her. I am glad that she is now home. The pandemic has taught me that money cannot buy everything and that the small things make room in people’s hearts. Although I owned the latest toys and a lot of clothes there was one thing that was missing in my puzzle and that was family ties.

I really longed for my mother’s touch, her words of affirmation and her good food. If Gogo (grandmother) , had not fallen ill would Ma have returned home ? Spending time with Ma, Gogo and my siblings has taught me a lot of life lessons. Money cannot buy happiness. Spending a lot time with my family has been something that I had forced myself to believe that it would never happen no matter how hard I tried. Maybe my life had been seasoned with a lot of disappointments to the extent that I gladly accepted everything that came my way.

Ma has been my greatest source of inspiration during the pandemic. She always spares a minute to listen to my unending tales, plait my hair so that I look good and goes to the supermarket to buy groceries. My mother is a Covid-19 superhero because she goes out of her way so that my sibling and I have food to eat, clean water to drink and a home that is filled with nothing but love and joy.

Ma also believes that Thabo and I should not have idle minds and she has been teaching us how to draw and bake. Thabo now believes in teamwork and he cannot wait for us to have our baking lesson on Monday. My family and l do not have much but I am glad that we have each other.

I really hope the everyone will do their part and fight the Corona virus.

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