A book review-Love too powerful

Hello my dear readers, I hope you had a restful weekend and you a ready for the new week.

Author: Blessing E Moyo
Cover rating :3
Overall rating 3.5/5

What I loved about the book
The author managed to write a poetry book about love and touch on various topics.

My highlights

Some people are scared of falling in love because of their past experiences and they are scared of being hurt. When someone trusts you they can open up about their past experiences( death of a loved one,divorce). Love does fade , “we are growing old but not useless”, some people are still in love even though they are in the sunset years of their lives.

The reasons why some relationships fail is because friends also want to be involved in matters that do not concern them. This is why is important to have boundaries. Marriages are not a walk in the park but the lovebirds should be able to accept each other’s flaws, be able to communicate, know their partner’s love language be able to express their emotions and feelings. There are selfish decisions one should be able to make in order to save themselves , these include walking away from a toxic relationship.

My favourite quote

We are growing old but not useless
We are just like wine which gains significance by age.
I am still here to cherish you as you cherish me,
I am not only saying good things to make you feel
But I am saying good things because you are good
And it makes me happy for you to feel good.
Let me clear all your tears and absorb all your fears
Hold on me tight for it’s no longer a time to fight.

Will I be reading another book written by this author?

Do I recommend this book?

You can get the bookHERE

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