A review- The National Arts Merit Awards

Hello my readers, I hope you are well. Always remember that if anything costs your mental health, it is too expensive. On Saturday 27th March I watched the NAMAs and if you did not manage to watch them please do.

The NAMAs (National Arts Merit Awards) are the brainchild of the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe. The NAMAs honour and the work of Zimbabwean creatives. This year’s theme was
“Our Legacy, our pride” the edition was honouring the work done by the legends. Forty Zimbabwean legends in the arts industry were awarded for their work. The award winners included musicians, writers, sculptors, painters to name a few.

I always look forward to the NAMAs not because I want to find fault in the awards ceremony but because I appreciate the work done by the creatives. I remember watching the NAMAs with my mother when I was growing up and it was exciting to watch the nominations and the winners being announced.


This year’s NAMAs were a world class performance and I really enjoyed myself and it was so exciting even though it was a virtual event. The picture quality was perfect. Artists in the Diaspora worked on the national anthem, I really loved how different genres and voices were incorporated in the national anthem.

The #NAMALegends edition was enlightening because we got to know about the history of the forty legends and their achievements to present day. It was an inspiring award ceremony and it reminded me of a time when my grandmother used to narrate folktales to my cousins and I. The audience managed to go down memory lane with the legends and this made me realize that we can never forget our roots or history.

My eyes were misty when it was time for the tribute because it reminded me of the artists that we lost from 2020-21. Lazarus Boora affectionately known as Gringo was an actor that was part of my childhood since I used to watch his dramas on ZTV. Death takes a lot from us and all we have to do is hold onto the memories of how the artists we have lost made us smile, laugh and entertained us. Although it hurts “zvandapihwa Nashe ndinogamuchira”.

The performances by the artists were fun and the Kokai remix was a splendid way to shutdown the award ceremony. Thank you to everyone who did their best for the National Arts Merits Awards to be a world class performance and honouring our legends. This is only the beginning of greatness!

The lessons I have learnt

  • It is important to celebrate and honour someone’s achievements while they are still alive.
    -If you want to achieve something collaborate rather than compete.
  • Zimbabwe has got so much talent, never forget that😉.

Will I be watching the NAMAs next year?
Definitely, can’t we have two NAMAs per year ?

Would you recommend someone to watch the NAMAs ?
Yes and you can watch them HERE

Everyone who did their part to make the NAMAs a success deserves a standing ovation

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