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Everything you need to know before you travel to Marondera

Hey my awesome readers😊 did you manage to read the first post of the series? If you didn’t you can read it Here

What to expect when you come to Marondera

Marondera does not have any skyscraper buildings and if you are used to navigating your way in town referring to these buildings you will definitely get lost. The Central Business District rarely gets congested. One can walk freely without the fear of bumping into someone’s stall but, they will surely bump into someone they know. I always refer to my hometown as a community because a lot of people have become friends just because they met at the bank or supermarket.

Most of the schools in Marondera Town were built close to each other.The siblings who are in High school can walk their younger siblings to preschool or the junior school’s entrance .

Marondera only has one branch for a particular retail outlet, pharmacy, hardware store, food outlet and bank. I would advise the visitors to create good relations with the staff members from the shops as to avoid being miserable during your stay in Marondera . The disadvantage of having one branch for most of the shops is that when they run out of stock you have to wait until they restock. This will be a inconvenience in the event of an emergency.

The world ‘downtown’ does not exist in my hometown ans a lot of the shops have been renting the same building for years.

The taxi rank is located at the same place and it you do not have to walk for a long distance to board the bus. Commuter omnibuses do not move in the CBD but the mushika shikas(Honda fit taxis) actually do.

There is so much to look forward to when you visit Marondera!

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