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Everything you need to know before you travel to Marondera


Hello my lovely readers, I hope you are well. This series is about my hometown . I was inspired to write about my hometown after I read Things we see in Lagos written by Tory Teller

Marondera is the provincial capital of Mashonaland East Province in Zimbabwe. The town was formerly known as Marandellas and renamed after Zimbabwe attained its independence in 1980. There are a lot of places that were named after Marondera and these include Marondera High School, Marondera country club and Marondera Hotel which was later rebranded to Hopefay Hotel. The small town is known for its cool weather in summer and is also one of the coldest towns in Zimbabwe during winter.

If one travels to Marondera mode of transport can be air but, once in Harare one will have to travel for seventy-two kilometres to Marondera by road.

Twenty kilometres away from Marondera there is the Surrey farm which has a huge billboard on the left. The encouragement: Please drop off and buy at least one or more of the mouth watering pies from the Surrey deli. I promise you, this you will not regret!

Surrey Meats , the butchery side of the corporation supplies its products to a lot of supermarkets,schools and lodges in the town and beyond.

If one was to get lost in Marondera town people will definitely laugh because the Central Business District makes up a residential area in some of the big cities. The historians will also enjoy their stay in Marondera since they can visit The Tsindi ruins which is a historical monument. To add on, one should visit the Bernard Mizeki Shrine which has a school close by named after the Christian martyr.

Marondera is also the home of The Proton Bakery which has its products served in many homes countrywide. The bread has been baked with pride since 1961 and before one leaves, one should try Proton bread,biscuits,hot cross buns,sugar buns,candy cakes and the Jumbo buns. The mini buses or the buses movement are a physical clock for some residents in Marondera because they buses move around in the residential picking up or dropping the employees.

What do you want people to also know about your city or your town?

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