A book review- In her words

Happy International Women’s Day, I hope you will make it your mission to put this year’s theme into action.

Book Title: In her words African women perspective on gender equality Overall rating :4.5/5
Cover rating: 3/5

I was inspired while reading this book. I particularly loved how women came together to advocate and raise awareness on feminism through storytelling. All 15 stories highlighted issues critical to feminism. The African society has a definition of the African woman and there are a lot of responsibilities that the woman has to bear.

It breaks my heart every time I realize that there are some women who actually work and prefer to bring other women down. As I read the book I loved how some families believed in gender equality, supported their spouses and daughters and managed roles so well in their homes.

Society can normalize creating gender balanced and sensitive spaces and encourage men to express and verbalise emotions and feelings. It would be wonderful if each member of society can end blaming women when a marriage fail or when women want to follow their dreams or question certain cultural practices.

Men can be feminists too. I loved how the women managed to share their personal experiences. People should never shy away from sharing life experiences because they can empower or educate the next person.There should be equal opportunities for the girls and boys. Sometimes one has to believe in themselves, words of affirmation are important.

I refuse to worship the struggles of
women who ‘make it’ as a justification for their acceptance on the walk of
fame. That we should put suffering as a badge of honour and tolerate the
humiliation, abuse, and pain experienced by women as a normal part of
the process towards success is unacceptable.-Victoria Malowa.


Download your free copy https://agbowo.org/in-her-words/#Choosetochallenge

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