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Note to the hero in you

Happy new month my loves. I really hope that the last two months have been fruitful and that you have managed to achieve your goals. I wish you nothing but joy, laughter and a little bit of craziness in the month of March. -The Baobab❤

Take baby steps until you get there.
Do not give up, be patient with yourself and please do forgive yourself.
One day you will have the courage to tell the story that once wounded  and killed a part of you without shedding a tear.
You will have the courage tell your story with a beaming smile on your face and everyone will be proud of you.

The reason why you will be able to laugh is because you have decided to let go rather than hold on.

You will be able to laugh because you chose to be happy.
Your audience will learn that there is so much joy that comes with forgiving and letting go.

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Now that your can laugh and smile as you share your story with the world, you should be proud of the hero.
The hero chose to fight and although the hero was wounded he or she carried his wounded and defeated self home.

You are the hero because you managed to learn from your mistakes.
You have survived what could have killed you.

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The girl with an overactive imagination

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