Working together

Many people from my village are hardworking, caring and united. Love is like a seed we sow in our hearts, wait for it to to grow and watch it bear fruit.

The women are singing and I really wish I could join in and dance too. If I decide to leave the spot where my mother forced me to sit and walk to the field and dance I will be disturbing everyone. My actions will definitely attract a beating when Mhai (mother) and I go back home.

The villagers are always there for one another during the good and the bad times.Mhai told me that we should be there for our loved ones during the sunny and the stormy days.

I hope I will live to see the day when I will be able till the land with other men and women from Muwuyu village. I will join in the singing and sing this song with pride.
Ndorima musana wandirwadza .
(Whenever I till the land, my back always aches).
Pakudya ndomera manhenga .
(When it is time to harvest I never tire from eating the food).

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