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A reminder

You deserve to be happy, to smile more often and laugh at the top of your voice.
Always make decisions that will make you happy.
Do not expect too much from anyone, human beings do make mistakes too.
Be content with what you have and find peace over the things that you cannot change.

Read a book , try a new recipe or go for a walk.
If anything costs your mental health then it is too expensive.
You should be able to make decisions on your own be INDEPENDENT and not DEPENDENT on the next person.
You should be able to know how to cope when you have to deal with disappointments.
When you make a mistake, I hope you will be able to learn from those mistakes too.

My love you should be able to distinguish between needs and wants .
What are your strengths ?
Continue to use your skills so that you do not lose them .
What are your weakness ?
Work on  perfecting them.

Treat yourself the way you want the next person to treat you.
You have come a long way, you have survived battles that could have killed you.
It is okay to rest but, its never okay to quit .
You are a superhero in your own right.
Promise me one thing , that you will be always follow your dreams.

Published by tcndangana

The girl with an overactive imagination

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