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Stepping out of your comfort zone

There are two groups of people, those who are willling to try and the other group of people  are scared to try . The first group of people is confident, brave and are willing to ask for help .

The second group of people is scared to raise their hand and try. This is because every time they want to try something new they re-live  their past miserable experiences. Whenever they want to try something new they remember how people made fun of them and this is why they are scared of stepping out of their comfort zone.

Sometimes you have to be your own cheerleader and soar like an eagle. When you were young you fell countless times but, did you not pick yourself up? The answer is definitely a YES because you are here today. My darling never give up and always choose to be happy. Raise your hand so high and ask a question , make comment a or contribution and be the best version of yourself. Take the leap of faith and raise your hand .

Published by tcndangana

The girl with an overactive imagination

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