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Africa in a few years time

Dear Daisy

I really miss you , I hope that the new month will be a fruitful one . You do not have to carry a lot of burdens on your own , sometimes you have to find someone to talk to. You are the the light of your society. To be honest I always knew that you had it in you, but you were scared of being a failure.

My dear a lot has changed , the change has been both negative and positive .The factories in most of the developing countries have been re -opened and many youths have been employed. I am actually happy because at least the majority of the population now believes that working hard pays off. This is because a lot of people had nothing to look forward to.

There has been free access of education, health care and many communities now have access to running water. The African continent has the same currency how cool is that ? We now have the same prices for common brands such as Defy,LG,Philips to name a few.

Corruption came to an end , I know that it is hard to believe . If anyone commits corruption they will face the full wrath of the law. The youths are now involved in the decision making processes too.

The continent has been hit by many natural disasters but people have managed to work together and relocate the victims to safer ground. A lot of countries have been educating people about mental health. My dear you will not believe how many people have suffered from depression and in some cases committed suicide.

I once suffered from depression and this is why I took the responsibility to educate everyone about mental health.

There is one thing I wish I knew when I was 23 ,when I was still young , full of life and fearless. Life has made me realize that I have the flame in my eyes .Never let anyone extinguish that flame because the world deserves to see the flame that will bring change.


Mrs Brown

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The girl with an overactive imagination

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