On which day of the week did the postman pass through your neighbourhood ?
Do you still remember the colour of the postman’s  uniform ?

The bell from the postman’s bicycle either brought good or bad news.
With soapsuds in her hands she received the envelope and stood by the gate and tore open the envelope. She was over the moon because her boyfriend had promised to come and visit her soon .

Mbuya Gosa was happy because her daughter -in-law had sent her the images of her newborn grandchild. She had already bought the portrait and all she had to do was hang the beautiful portrait in her living room.

Baba Ticha was notified that three of his cattle drowned. He had to send some money to his parents who lived in Bikita.

The postman became a friend ,a brother and a son in many communities. The postman did not only  deliver invoices but he also delivered  envelopes with different colours and designs. Those tiny stamps were a gate pass for many  letters to reach our family and friends who were in different towns,cities and countries.

During this era many people were able to communicate rather than send emojis, “Lol or K” after they had read a long message. A lot of people were able to express their emotions and feelings better.The letters were a special treasure and they were kept safely . During this era the letter boxes were treated like gold and  a lot of people always looked forward to posting their letters. The letter boxes were not rusty , the grass was always trimmed and the communal letter boxes were attractive . This was during the period when a few people had access to a cellular phone .

This was an era when stamps with different symbols and designs brought either good or bad news. This is an era I wish to re- live.

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