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The post-graduation era

Dear Emily

I hope that this letter finds you well and in good health. Congratulations  my dear on completing your Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. I am so proud of you . I was really heart broken when I received the news that no guest would be allowed at your graduation ceremony.  This is because I had been looking forward to your graduation ceremony , but there will be always next time.  Cousin I was hoping to meet a cute guy at your graduation ceremony and he would marry me , unfortunately my dream never became a reality. It is annoying when someone from our family has to ask me when do l plan to get married. Enough about my boring tales . I cannot believe that my cousin holds a first class degree in Accounting.

Firstly I would like to applaud you for completing your Accounting degree because a lot of people were either disqualified or they chose to quit before they managed to finish the race. The sleepless night finally paid off didn’t they ? Emily I do not mean to scare you but I would like to tell you about what can happen during post-graduation era.  Maybe if someone had sat me down and told me that graduating is not a gateway to being employed I could not have suffered from depression.

There was a time I cried myself to sleep each and everyday and I felt like I was trapped in a big box. I hated seeing my reflection on the mirror because I believed that I had disappointed myself. All I wanted was to be formally employed and be able to help my  mother with the bills. My life had become some sort of a routine and the only thing that managed to make me feel happy was falling asleep. The joy was only short lived because it was during the last quarter of the calendar year the temperatures were high in 2019.

Some of my friends were either employed or they were advancing their studies and your poor cousin had nothing to look forward to. Emily I have lost count of the resumes that I have sent via email or delivered physically. I remember submitting my resume at a particular organization but , the moment I walked out the lady at the reception threw my envelope in the bin.

A lot of people have made fun of me because they graduated after me but they have been formally employed. When I was about to give up on my life a close friend of mine advised me to concentrate on something that I deeply love and that was the birth of my podcast, my blog and scriptwriting. Maybe one I will be formally employed but I really enjoy being my own boss because I do reward my efforts by buying one of my favourite snacks , reading a novel or listening to the radio.

Emily this is not going to me an easy walk , but I pray that you do not lose yourself or give up during the process.

Lots of love


*Ps these experience are not fictional but they are some of my experiences.

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The girl with an overactive imagination

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