Our Mothers

She laughs and keeps on knitting.
It is a colourful jesery her grandchild will definitely love it ,the colours made me remember that l once owned a lot of knitted items.
She is such a hardworking woman, a woman who never gives up.
She has made a lot of sacrifices so that I could have the best life .
She lived without a lot of things so that I could get an education.

Sometimes she worked as a housekepper.
Sometimes she had two jobs. Sometimes she tilled the soil.
She made sure that I always had something to eat.
She scolded me when I lost my belongings and whenever l was rude and ungrateful.
Her hugs are warm ,she let you cry in her arms.
I will always be her baby even though I now have a deep voice.
Prayer is important to her it was everything and she told me that I ought to be grateful always.

Her hardwork surely paid off, here I am today.
Maybe we did not have a fancy life but I was always happy.
My mother is amazing , she never gave up.
Lets applaude our mothers for their hardwork.

They do the most but they are always forgotten, they are our first teachers,they provide our first home, they taught us to count, to colour and brush our teeth.
They taught us to smile, they forced us to eat our vegetables .
When we fall sick they prepare porridge for us even though we are now young adults.
They will always be our cheerleaders ,they love us and l hope you love them too.

Published by tcndangana

The girl with an overactive imagination

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