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On my wedding day

I couldn’t sleep last night because I was so excited and I just wanted to walk down the aisle. I couldn’t wait to marry the love of my life , my best friend and the man who made me believe in love. He loved when I couldn’t love myself and he was patient with me. Each and every time when I got angry he would encourage me to talk about  whatever that was bothering me. I learnt to talk about everything that was bothering me rather than bottle the pain and anger inside and it felt liberating .

I am glad I said YES when he asked me to marry him and I will never stop loving him. This is because he managed to seal the cracks rather than watch me break. Will you ever stop loving someone who happens to be  your gardener and a flower ? The love of my life taught me that for a relationship to work you have to be able to give and take . Isn’t  wonderful to be showered with gifts and be able to return the favour .

Today makes the beginning of our journey together and I am glad that close family and friends have decided to come and witness our union. I really wish I could run , rather than walk down the aisle because all I want is to marry the love of myself.

I know that our union will not be an easy walk but we have to be support one another  and look out for one another.

“Stella,iwe Stella wake up or you will be late for work.”

I am deeply hurt because it felt so real but  it was just a dream. Although it was just a dream one day I will walk down the aisle and marry my best friend.

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The girl with an overactive imagination

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