Nature is our greatest life teacher and I hope that you have managed to draw a few lessons from nature. Lots of love -The Baobab❤

The rising of the morning sun marks the beginning of a new day. It allows us to be the best version of ourselves , to follow our dreams and believe in ourselves. Whenever the sun comes up, its rays allows us to believe in ourselves ,to be able to forgive ourselves and it reminds us of how far we have come . The rising of the morning allows us to learn from our mistakes and forgive everyone who has wronged us.

Each and every morning the sun rises without fail ! One can learn a lot of lessons from nature because the sunrise teaches us to be consistent in everything that we do because the sun always rises at the same time each and  everyday. We should always be punctual and perform our duties diligently even when we face different life challenges.

Every human being is able to watch the beautiful sunrise regardless of their social status, race or nationality. If the sunrise  is against stigma and discrimination why  should you be discriminate the next person ?

Sometimes we are so quick to judge the next person even when we know little about them. The first thing we see when the sun rises is the orange colour but  later in the day we are able to appreciate its warmth, its beautiful colour and how it helps us with the natural light.

This is why you should always be happy , allow yourself to flourish and follow your dreams.

Published by tcndangana

The girl with an overactive imagination

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