Why did I break Jane’s heart when I promised to protect her ? Instead of being there for  her I betrayed her broke her spirit. Jane was my special flower. I was supposed to be her gardener and her flower too , but I removed the petals ,crushed them and threw them away.

I was supposed to be Jane’s best friend, companion  and love her until the day I die. What happened to the my vows I recited on my wedding day ? I hate myself for always beating my wife and breaking her heart countless times. I hate myself for using my fist to clear a fight always. Takadii kugara pasi takataurirana ?

Will I be able to raise the kids on my own ? I do not even know the foods my kids are allergic to and what they enjoy eating. Jane is the love of my life no, she was the love of my life. I WOUNDED her and I am the reason why she decided to leave .I hope that she is safe wherever she is. Jane deserves to be happy and this is why I have decided to let her go. Maybe the kids will understand ,maybe they will nurse these WOUNDS for the rest of their lives.

Published by tcndangana

The girl with an overactive imagination

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